Thursday, September 15, 2016

Both Laziness and Busyness Make You Fat?

Well, it's a combination of laziness, busyness and technology. In your laziness you relegate all chores to technology in the guise of busyness. Instead of manually washing your clothes, for instance, you buy a washing machine because you say you are too busy to do it yourself.

When I was in high school and college, not only did I do manual laundry, I also used an old-fashioned water pump for it. Since we had the water pump in the backyard, my dad said using it instead of turning on the faucet would save us lots of money on our water bill. So I did that for years. No wonder I didn't get fat even if I ate a lot.

Metabolism? Well, it helped some, but I also got easily overweight when I ate too much. There was a time when I gained weight so that my face doubled in size (no, I think it tripled). It was the time when I did nothing but man our small retail store where I ate most of the food items being sold.

Here's another example. You use the elevator or escalator even if you're just going up one level. You justify it by saying you're in a hurry. Or, have you noticed how public jeep or tricycle passengers wanted to be dropped off exactly at the spot where they wanted to be? People don't want to walk even short distances.

It's both laziness and a pretended busyness, with the help of technology, that have made a lot of people today obese. They pretend to be so busy that they do not have time to do things manually anymore. But the fact is, they have become too lazy and available technology have helped them become so.

Our reliance on technology have made us lovers of dormancy. We hate moving around too much. We just want to stay where we are. That's what remote control has made of us. And that reduced mobilization has made us burn less calories as a lifestyle.

Here in our village, I often see people riding their cars just going down to the grocery store a few street corners away. Why couldn't they just walk? I often jog leisurely to it.

My dad used to tell me how people walked long distances daily and treated that normal. They would walk from town to town regularly without effort so that obese people were a seldom sight in those days. Only few people had cars then so the rest commuted. And because traffic wasn't what it is today, they weren't stressed out. Stress can make you fat. Ever wondered why you get tired of commuting daily and yet burn no calories and stay fat? It's stress.

Thus, I make it a point not to depend on technology too much. If it's just a matter of a few hundred meters, I'd often walk to it. If it's just a floor or two up, I'd often use the stairs. If it's just a few clothes, I'd rather wash them manually.

And if you need to often change channels on your TV, get up and do it yourself. Keep the remote in a closet somewhere far away.

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