Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why You Should Take Jogging-in-Place More Seriously

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If you're a regular gym workout artist, this article is not for you. This is for those who think they are "too buy to workout."

Too busy, eh? Well, no more excuses this time because God made workout possible anywhere you are, anytime, with jogging-in-place. I take time to stand up and leave my PC desk to move a few steps away and do a jogging-in-place. I take 2 to 3 minutes (my stationary jog break) plus some squats and then resume with my online job.

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And I do variations. Well, for beginners, the simple, usual jogging-in-place will do. Just stand and jog in place, as simple as that. Just make sure you really lift your knees, just like in the image above. Do it for a minute and then rest. Start there. Then make it longer and more frequent as you feel stronger (and after your medical doctor approves it).

I incorporate a lot of advanced steps to my stationary jogging, including kicks, squats, hops, shadow boxing and "tinikling" steps (tinikling is a traditional Filipino cultural dance that involves intricate foot works so your feet won't get caught between clashing bamboo poles).

Jogging-in-place is a great supplementary aero workout to actual jogging or brisk walking, or sometimes even a replacement of the same when there's bad weather and you can't run outdoors. It improves your heart and lung health and stamina especially if you increase speed with your motions.

It tones up your leg muscles. In fact, if you move vigorously with your whole body, it can tone up all your muscles. I move and sway my body trunk, shoulders and arms as I do my stationary jogging.

It also improves your brain health and prevents dementia. See?

Does it burn fats and calories? You bet it does! Remember, any aero workout burns fats and calories.

It may seem like a simple warm-up exercise but it can help you prevent deadly ailments.

So, if you're so busy and think you're exempted from exercise because of that, you're wrong. And you can't make it an excuse when you face God if you suddenly die of stroke or heart failure due to lack of exercise. If God asks you, "Why?" you can't tell him "Because you didn't give me enough time!"

Will God really hold you accountable for not exercising come judgement day? Of course, he will! Remember, the bible says "Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who destroys God's temple, GOD WILL DESTROY HIM."

Anyway, to avoid all that trouble, just exercise. And jogging-in-place is your best option if you think you're so, so, so busy. You can do it at home, in your bedroom, at the office or even while waiting for a ride at the bus or jeep terminal. So what if you'd look like an idiot?

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