Thursday, November 3, 2016

Middle Age? Here's How You Start Getting Really Fit

Most middle age folks (age 45 to 55 or 60) think they're past their fitness potential and simply resign to having soft, flabby, saggy or flaccid muscles. It's also mainly due to serious ailments like diabetes or heart problems that they end up like that.

But they should never give up. Middle age is still a right time to start all over again. You can still start keeping fit at this stage. You just need to work closely with your medical doctor, asking him what suits your physical condition.

I'd start shaping up if I were you.

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You can start with the very basic. It's better than nothing. I always tell people to start with leisurely walking. I started there when I started working out again after stopping for a long while. I started being a fitness buff when I was in grade 7. That went on until college when my workouts became irregular, though I still managed to go to a gym and develop a muscled body.

But some time after college, I stopped altogether and thought I'd never be fit again. I became flabby. But I decided to be fit again in my 40s (I think it was when I was 45, if I remember right) and continued to do so up to now. When I started again in my 40s, I started with leisurely walks. (I even suffered severe muscle trauma which made me stop again for years. But I fought it and managed to workout again, by God's grace and mercy).

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose if you embark on a fitness journey now. It's not too late. Take it from me. Just start it slow and easy (no reason to hurry up) and gradually progress from there, asking your medical doctor about it all before you start doing anything.

After leisurely walks, do brisk walks and then combine it with jogging. Then start a little bit with push-ups or weight lifts. Better yet, do manual gardening where you carry a pail of water while watering your plants.

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Watch how these guys do it at 70!

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