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Why Reduced Food Intake Makes You Fatter

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The idea is never to limit your food intake. It's not a reduced meal that will solve your bulging tummy, weight gain or high LDL. I don't know why it cannot sink into the heads of thick-skulled folks that a balanced diet is always the remedy.

And balanced diet means you eat everything.

And I mean everything. Everything in right proportions. Don't be biased with certain foods but be democratic. Something like a pluralist perception of food. Just remember that the key phrase is "in right proportions."

Reducing your food intake either makes you too slim, malnourished and sluggish or eat more. If you're malnourished and sluggish, you move less and burn less fat and calories. Remaining sluggish a long time can develop the habit. And when you get too starved because you've been eating less a long time, you start eating with a vengeance. Now, imagine tripling your food intake while remaining sluggish.

That's why you get fatter.

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And then you feel guilty after eating a lot and repeat the whole process of reducing food intake. It's a vicious cycle. You'll never get healthy and fit that way. You'll just get sickly slender or flabby and vice versa.

But the remedy really is common sense---eat balanced. Eat everything in right proportions. And then exercise regularly. That's it. I don't care what your metabolism is. Of course it's different if you have some kind of a serious metabolism disorder. Then you need to see a doctor or medical specialist.

But if it's just a matter of a bit too fast or a bit too slow metabolism. balanced meals are often enough to do the trick.

For instance, when I see a delicious-looking, mouthwatering pork dish I take a piece the size of my thumb. I eat the half side of a medium-size fish, lots of veggies, a cup of rice, a spoon of mashed potato (I bear in mind I already have a cup of rice), and then a piece of whatever dessert is available (again, the size of my thumb---that's my rule of thumb 😃.

Of course, I always eat fresh fruits before taking meals.

Some folks who are sporty only now and then and want to get in shape to look good in their sport often rely on food intake reduction. They limit what they eat and even skip some meals just to avoid looking fat when playing their sport, especially basketball. This is dangerous.

Some boxers do this, though. They workout while limiting food intake to catch up with their weight category (if they're too heavy). But remember, these guys train everyday (they're not sporty just now and then) under the close watch of professional dietitians, weight coaches and doctors.

If you're not a professional boxer, eat balanced meals everyday.

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