Sunday, March 12, 2017

What to Do to have Powerful and Muscular Arms with Push-ups

Pranay Platon
Why should you want more powerful and muscular arms? One, so you can do better physical work, like if your job requires you to lift, push or pull heavy things. Second, they help prevent fights. 

I'll deal with the second reason here. If you want to avoid fights you should develop good character and a fit body. That's the reality in the streets. I know it because I'm a streetfighting instructor in Manila. A lot of fights and quarrels can be avoided if thugs or trouble-makers see your powerful and muscular arms.

So, it's really about survival, why you should want to develop your arm muscles---protecting yourself and your family.

And how do you develop powerful and muscular arms? Being a no-gym fitness buff, I advice you to do it with mere push-ups. Do regular full push-ups (your chest touching the floor when lowering your body and then lifting your body with your arms until they are fully stretched). But you should do it slowly. Let the muscles in your arms, forearms,shoulders and chest feel it, especially when you slowly lift your body, your arms pressing against the floor.

Not too slow, though, especially if you have other things to do during the day. Probably, you count to 10 as you lift your body and count again to 10 as you lower it. Make sure you accompany the movement with correct breathing. Inhale slowly as you lower your body, Exhale slowly as you lift it, feeling the "chi" in your arms (Chi is the flow of strength from your abdomen to your arms as you exhale).

Do this push-up with 10 to 15 repetitions in 3 to 4 sets. Don't be too in a hurry. Enjoy the workout and let your mind rest as you're doing it. The full effect will be spoiled if you do it with stress. As you develop strength in your arms, increase the repetitions. Soon, you will feel how powerful your arms have become and the muscularity will follow.

Soon, too, your developed arms will fit right into the sleeves of your shirts, making the muscle size obvious with every movement. People, especially trouble-makers, just have to see your arms to think twice or thrice before messing with you. About 90% of the time it works. I know this for a fact. But should a silly guy not notice and decide to make trouble for you, you're in a much better shape to neutralize him, if need be.

I still prefer to ignore trouble-makers, as long as they don't hurt my loved ones. 😎

Please watch the video below:

There are a lot of push-up variations that serve different arm purposes. I plan to tackle them a bit here on Choy's Cut one by one. I prefer push-ups than lifting weights because weights tend to give you too bulky muscles that do not serve streetfighting speed and agility. And push-ups are portable and won't cost you a dime. For the cheap but effective fitness workout that I regularly do, click here for the e-book.

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