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Wellness and Your Irritability Threshold

In certain ways, wellness is like church ministry---we insist on complicating it when it's really so simple. Wellness is often shown as some complex system of making the body and mind healthy and measuring the result by some equally complex measures. 
Often, they make it look like wellness is looking and feeling like your favorite showbiz idol---trim and perfectly sculptured body, flawless skin, pretty face, glossy hair, gym life, and strict diet---which are all super costly to maintain. Church ministry is often like that, too. It has to have a lot of glamour, gimmicks, popularity, accomplishments, good publicity, exciting programs and lively activities which are all costly to maintain.

But really, wellness (like true ministry) is all about character.

It all boils down to this---what's your irritability threshold in your unguarded moments? How easily do you get pissed off (and do you get easily pissed off by simple things)?

You live a genuinely WELL LIFE only if you have good…

A WELL LIFE: Here's How You Get It

It's not how much or how many. A well life is always measured by how simple and happy. A lot of people have trapped themselves into the notion that a good and successful life is one that has become complicated by tight schedules and hectic plans. And their proof for all this is their money in the bank and the properties they have accumulated. Plus, of course, the applause of their fans.

But let's look at all this from the viewpoint of the Author of LIFE. He always has the final say about LIFE, especially a well life and the success that comes with it. First he said this:
Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions. [Luke 12] In another rendition, it says, "Life is not measured by how much you own." The moment you start measuring a well life with how much and how many is the time you start believing that life consists in the abundance of possessions. You think success is all about how much money, how many properties and how many applause you get. But Jesus h…