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The Danger and Folly of the ABCD Mindset Concerning Health And Why You Should Avoid It at All Cost

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A lot of people brisk walk or jog nowadays and many are fast becoming "health-conscious." Don't they even say that wellness will be a trillion-dollar business in the next decades? Are people in this generation healthier than people in past generations?

Indeed, you see more people waking up early in the morning and working out. You also see more people watching what they eat, being conscious of their weight, and eating less rice. Wow. But on second look, you'd see that majority of them are really merely spurred on by the ABCD mindset, and which is actually dangerous. In fact, deadly.


Yup, they only start working out After a Bad Checkup Diagnosis or ABCD. They're not really health buffs. In fact, before getting a bad medical checkup result, they saw working out as a waste of time, even foolish. Most of them had no time for exercise because they had "more important things to do." When I was starting my work outs in grade school and high school, there were folks who made fun of me. They shook their heads disapprovingly why I had to waste 2 to 3 hours each morning exercising.

And many folks who are "health-conscious" today were once upon a time rabid anti-workouts. Workouts, diets and supplements were never in their vocabulary until they had a casual check up with their doctors and then found to be already dangerously ill---high blood pressure, high blood sugar, kidney defect, high cholesterol or triglyceride levels, etc.

And then they suddenly "discovered" the value of being health conscious. But it was a bit too late, really. The deadly illness had already lodged in and in danger of exploding anytime like a ticking time bomb. One mistake and they were done. So they started working out, being diet conscious and trying health supplements, and people referred to them as "health buffs." And they liked the idea.

Health buffs? Really?

Why do you have to wait for the worse before you become health conscious?

Real Health Buffs

Real health buffs are those who realize the hassles of diseases way before they get sick with them. So they start working out, watching their diets and taking the best natural supplements even if they are not sick at all or suffering any disease. These are real smart folks who really understand the value of health and how to have it and keep it. They do not believe in the ABCD mindset.

Don't be reactive. Reactive people react only to how illness has affected them already. If you're smart, you won't wait for illness to come knocking on your door. Even if there is no sign of any illness coming near you, you take positive action. This was why I worked out even as a young teenager. I learned about illnesses and how to avoid them at a young age. So I started to be a health buff then.

No Time to Exercise

A big bulk of people who have the ABCD mindset are those who maintain that they have no time to exercise. And yet when deadly diseases start pestering them, you see them making time to walk in the morning. So, it's evident that they have time after all! Unfortunately, they make time for it only when the illnesses have already set in. The best time to start being a health buff is BEFORE illnesses start affecting you. Preventive workouts are the smart way to go.

No Money for Health

Another set of folks who have the ABCD mindset are those who claim they have no money for health concerns. And yet, after they contract deadly diseases you see them buying expensive maintenance medicines and spending for costly check ups and tests. So, they can afford to spend that much for health after all! It is wiser and cheaper to take natural health supplements while you have no illness. You need less dosage. If you neglect your health and get sick, you will have to take higher dosage of health supplements. And you also have to take your costly maintenance medicines.

They Find Working Out Too Hard to Do

Lastly, there are those who think working out is only for athletes who compete in serious contests. When they hear about working out, two words stand out in their minds---pain and hardship---which are both not for them. That's why lots of people hate working out because of the saying, "No pain, no gain."


Well, you need not punish yourself to be healthy and fit, especially if you're not an athlete. The thing is just to be healthy. And there are ways to be healthy and fit without punishing yourself and spending too much money. I discovered several ways how and I share it in my e-book.

Yes, you can workout even if you think you have no time or money for it, and you need not cruelly hurt yourself just to gain results!

I see a lot of people terribly out of shape or those who exercise now because they are ABCD victims. To help people avoid being like this, I decided to offer my e-book FOR FREE! It's for a limited time only, then I'd sell it again. Learn what to do and how to start a lifestyle of simple health and fitness.

Get my e-book for free now! Just use the Contact Form on top of this page, or simply email me at so I can email you a PDF copy of the e-book! Just put on the message, "Please send me the e-book!"

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