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Write Diet

Studying in Germany
Sometimes, communication is all mixed up when you mean differently from how other people take your words. You say the words correctly and they hear them perfectly, and yet somehow the signals go awry somewhere. Ever had that happen to you before? A perfect conversation turned something else? A conversation on Earth that ended up somewhere on Mars?

A perfect food dish turned hopia soup?

I told my youngest to "write Diet." And he asked, "Okay, yet what?"

"Huh?" I said, giving him a raised eyebrow, not knowing what he was trying to say. So I told him again, "Write diet." He gave the same answer. "Okay, yet what?"

"What do you mean 'yet what'?" I asked.

"You told me to write 'Die yet.'  Didn't you? So what follows 'yet'?" he asked, making me even more confused. He tried to clear things up: "Do you mean 'Die yet live'?"

That's when my dear wife butted in: "Your dad wants you to eat a right diet."

"Oh my," I told myself mentally. She even winked at me, as if saying we got him there. I cleared my throat and reminded her that I never said eat but write. She insisted it should be eat. That settled it. My youngest ate a right diet from then on, but you could see how he wondered about what really happened.

Write diet is what overweight people who want to lose weight ought to be doing repeatedly---on paper or on the blackboard. My youngest was putting on a bit excessive weight so I told him to write diet. But life had become too complicated, as I have narrated earlier, and another completely different thing happened. Well, not too different, actually, because my kid ended up eating healthy food. Though in another sense, it was also something different.

If you're overweight, try it. It works for naughty kids at school. Could work for you, too. What I mean is, tell them to write "I will never be naughty again" repeatedly on paper or on the board and you'd see marked behavioral improvement. Write diet several times each day and the idea will stick to your subconscious like glue and register in your mind and control your will---hopefully.

Did you know that writing influences the mind, particularly the memory and subconscious? Make it a habit to write your thoughts or anything you'd like to dominate your thoughts. Write the phrase repeatedly like a written chant or write a long essay or blog on it. Blog's better. Then it gets programmed in your mind and sent to your will and motor tendencies. Then it becomes part of you. You'd just see yourself doing it automatically, almost effortlessly. Like magic. Yup, and something different.

Remember the saying---the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, it's mightier than the appetite, too, if you use both the power of the pen and your mind.

So write diet. Write healthy and weight loss recipes and menus and picture how the super nutrition would change your health and fitness for the better. Write nothing but this. Write them right now and make them your thought content each time you think, like how hopia soup would always be on the intellectual dinner table of those who love something different.

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