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Why You Should Take Jogging-in-Place More Seriously

If you're a regular gym workout artist, this article is not for you. This is for those who think they are "too buy to workout."

Too busy, eh? Well, no more excuses this time because God made workout possible anywhere you are, anytime, with jogging-in-place. I take time to stand up and leave my PC desk to move a few steps away and do a jogging-in-place. I take 2 to 3 minutes (my stationary jog break) plus some squats and then resume with my online job.

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And I do variations. Well, for beginners, the simple, usual jogging-in-place will do. Just stand and jog in place, as simple as that. Just make sure you really lift your knees, just like in the image above. Do it for a minute and then rest. Start there. Then make it longer and more frequent as you feel stronger (and after your medical doctor approves it).

I incorporate a lot of advanced steps to my stationary jogging, including kicks, squats, hops, shadow boxing and &…

Do You Know the Right Way of Eating Fruits 2

Previously on Right Way of Eating Fruits

Another mistake people do when eating fruits is eating them long after peeling their skin. Not many people know this, but all fresh fruits are alkaline, even soir ones. I met one "nutritionist" who thought sour fruits were all purely acidic---just because they were sour.

Take kalamansi for instance. Fresh kalamansi is alkaline. Those who know herbal medicine know this. But make sure you consume it right after slicing it open. If you let it lie open like that for a long time it becomes acidic. Moreover, the Vitamin C in it quickly evaporates. You get nothing but sourness.

So those fruit juices sold in bottles in grocries and malls? You get nothing from them except water, flavor, sugar and synthetic Vitamin C perhaps, which is acidic. If you want to keep fit, an acidic tummy is the last thing you'd want.

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If you peel off a banana, make sure you eat the whole thing now. Don&#…

Do You Know the Right Way of Eating Fruits?

Up to now, I see lots of folks who do not know the right way of eating fruits. I hate to see good, fresh fruits all go to waste and worse, actually harm the body.

Sometimes, I even see supposedly health buffs eat fruits the wrong way. And I'm shocked. I'd like to share with them the right way to eat fruits but I dread offending them---they're supposed to be experts.

Fresh fruits are good, to be sure. But if eaten wrongly they can rot in the intestine and actually produce deadly toxins there, ruining your health instead of helping it. Imagine buying costly fresh fruits only to poison your body with it.

Always remember this---eat fresh fruits first. Always. Before you put anything in your tummy, put fresh fruits first. And then eat your veggies. And then your fish and meat. A lot of people treat fruits as dessert---which is dead wrong.


If you eat fish and meat first (and fruits later), these things take 72 hours (3 days) to digest. So, if fruits wait last in line, they…