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Another mistake people do when eating fruits is eating them long after peeling their skin. Not many people know this, but all fresh fruits are alkaline, even soir ones. I met one "nutritionist" who thought sour fruits were all purely acidic---just because they were sour.

Take kalamansi for instance. Fresh kalamansi is alkaline. Those who know herbal medicine know this. But make sure you consume it right after slicing it open. If you let it lie open like that for a long time it becomes acidic. Moreover, the Vitamin C in it quickly evaporates. You get nothing but sourness.

So those fruit juices sold in bottles in grocries and malls? You get nothing from them except water, flavor, sugar and synthetic Vitamin C perhaps, which is acidic. If you want to keep fit, an acidic tummy is the last thing you'd want.

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If you peel off a banana, make sure you eat the whole thing now. Don't leave some and put it in the fridge and then eat it later. The same with all fruits---especially oranges.

So I buy fruits in small sizes---melons, papaya, grapefruit---sizes I can easily finish off in one sitting. I'm a fruit devourer---a fruit "zombie" if you will. When you slice open these fruits you have to consume them right away. Don't leave any for eating later. If it's for the family, then it's okay to buy them in big sizes. Just tell your family that leftovers are not allowed.

If you have to prepare fresh fruit juices and salads, serve them immediately.

Well, anyway, if you lose their natural and alkaline Vitamin C you stil get their fibers, and fibers are good for health. The only thing is, fruits you eat which have been lying open a long time after cutting or slicing is sure to have turned acidic already. And I advice not to eat too many of them, unless getting an acidic stomach is okay for you.

Since fresh fruits are expensive these days, make sure to know the right way of eating them.

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