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The Myth of No Time to Workout: Why You Should Never Say That Lie Again

If you believe in God, he told us in the book of Ecclesiastes that "there is a time for everything." Then he went on giving examples. Thus, you cannot say you have no time to exercise. If Solomon (author of Ecclesiastes) had time for everything---and he was so busy running a country because he was a king---how can you not have the same?

I sincerely believe God is very busy. But he's not that busy as other people claim to be, because in fact, after creating everything for 6 days, he rested on the seventh. And Hebrews says he's been resting ever since, even today. God has time for everything---even working out. Yeah, I believe God works out regularly and you can even find him in gyms---because he's everywhere. And I know it for a fact that he works out because he joins me in my workouts.

Having no time for workouts is just pure myth. Often, it's a lie to cover up for laziness. People can be hardworking with their jobs or businesses, but most of them are just t…

But It's Still the Easiest and Safest Way to Your Financial Breakthrough

Majority of us need financial breakthroughs and it's what we often pray for, right? I mean, if you're honest enough, you'd admit that you want to earn a bigger regular income, especially if you're just an employee. And many of us realize how this can only be possible if we invest our money, like investing in stocks and bonds.

Jobs Only Make You Feel Poorer

No matter how hard you work, your efforts are just rewarded with a fixed monthly salary with employment. Well, you may get a pay raise now and then, but it's not much, You won't get a salary raise for P50,000, that's for sure. But you can earn that big---and even several times---if you invest. But the question is, where do we get our investment money? Definitely not from our monthly salary.

Sometimes, jobs just make us feel poorer. No kidding. Your pay is just enough to make you go to work everyday, eat meals so you can work for your boss better, and pay your rent. I don't care if you're the manag…

The Danger and Folly of the ABCD Mindset Concerning Health And Why You Should Avoid It at All Cost

A lot of people brisk walk or jog nowadays and many are fast becoming "health-conscious." Don't they even say that wellness will be a trillion-dollar business in the next decades? Are people in this generation healthier than people in past generations?

Indeed, you see more people waking up early in the morning and working out. You also see more people watching what they eat, being conscious of their weight, and eating less rice. Wow. But on second look, you'd see that majority of them are really merely spurred on by the ABCD mindset, and which is actually dangerous. In fact, deadly.


Yup, they only start working out After a Bad Checkup Diagnosis or ABCD. They're not really health buffs. In fact, before getting a bad medical checkup result, they saw working out as a waste of time, even foolish. Most of them had no time for exercise because they had "more important things to do." When I was starting my work outs in grade school and high school, there…

How Ceramide Prevents Skin Dryness, Irritation and Wrinkles

You see, it's fun being a blogger because you learn lots of new things as you research. Like this skin fat called ceramide. Did you know that enough of ceramides in your skin prevents skin dryness, irritation and wrinkles? Because clinical studies reveal that when ceramide levels in your skin fall, your skin begins to dry up and be easily damaged.

If I had known this in college I would have been saved from lots of skin irritations and problems. But there was no internet yet and Google hadn't been born. So what happened was I went to this medical doctor who prescribed a skin product with steroids, and the rest is (sad) history.

Anyway (sob), ceramide is naturally found in the outer layer of the skin and helps it retain moisture. And moisture helps protect our skin a lot. Ceramides are skin lipids (fats) that keep skin structure intact. In other words, they "glue" surface skin cells so they're closely knit. That results to smooth, velvety skin with small skin pore…

Write Diet

Sometimes, communication is all mixed up when you mean differently from how other people take your words. You say the words correctly and they hear them perfectly, and yet somehow the signals go awry somewhere. Ever had that happen to you before? A perfect conversation turned something else? A conversation on Earth that ended up somewhere on Mars?

A perfect food dish turned hopia soup?

I told my youngest to "write Diet." And he asked, "Okay, yet what?"
"Huh?" I said, giving him a raised eyebrow, not knowing what he was trying to say. So I told him again, "Write diet." He gave the same answer. "Okay, yet what?"

"What do you mean 'yet what'?" I asked.
"You told me to write 'Die yet.'  Didn't you? So what follows 'yet'?" he asked, making me even more confused. He tried to clear things up: "Do you mean 'Die yet live'?"
That's when my dear wife butted in: "Your dad wan…

How Slow Digestion Helps Keep You Healthy

Slow eating enables you to enjoy your food, keeps stress out while eating and helps you chew food well. So health buff experts advice us to eat slowly each meal. Just enjoy your food, they say. And slow digestion is also good for the health of some parts or systems of the body. The problem is, how do you control your digestion?

How do you slow down digestion? Before we tackle that, here's the health benefit of slow digestion---basically it helps the body absorb less sugar. With less sugar, you avoid blood-sugar spikes and that helps keep blood sugar within normal levels especially as you eat meals.

And according to health experts, the best for this purpose is soluble fiber. Soluble fiber slows down the movement of food in the intestines. Thus, it will take the body longer to digest food. That makes sugar less absorbable in the body. But what food should we eat to get soluble fiber?

One of the best sources of soluble fiber is Beta Glucan. It's not only good for normal blood su…

Folks Who Worked Hard All Their Lives and Still Ended Up Poor. How NOT to End Up Like That.

I enjoy good, clean jokes a lot and give my share of them once in a while, but actually I have more moments in life when I seek quietude to ponder life and talk with God. This is actually the best wellness. It's the time when all sorts of questions on life surface from deep within me. Often I'm surprised that there are such queries lodged deep within, perhaps collected there by my subconscious. When I bring them to the surface and ask God about them, I learn more of life. Deep revelations come.

You see how that amounts to wellness?

Sometimes I struggle with issues on health and prosperity. I often see in Scriptures how God wants us to be healthy and financially prosperous, and that he rewards all hard works. Specifically, it is stated that all hard work bring a profit, and mere talk brings poverty [Proverbs 14.23]. And yet in real life, you see a lot of hard working people getting poorer and sometimes you meet folks who are mere talkers who get rich.

Some People Do It Effortle…

What Apple Stem Cell Does to You

Stem cells sounded scary when it was first introduced in 1998. Then, stem cells were derived from human embryos grown in labs and applied in humans for anti-aging benefits. The procedure seemed risky and anyway one web article said that few treatments of this nature are safe and effective.

And then came apple stem cells.

It started in the 18th century when a certain kind of Swiss apple, called Uttwiler Sp├Ątlauber, were noted to degenerate very slowly when sliced, unlike other apples. Consequently, after studies, the apple's epigenetic factors and metabolites were found to promote the long life of human skin cells. So today, it's becoming a popular alternative treatment for skin care, complexion enhancement and anti-aging benefits.

It's safer, as well. It's easy to imagine how apple stem cells can pose no harm or dangerous side effects to humans regardless of whether it is applied topically or ingested as a health supplement. How can eating green apple be bad for you? …

This is the Answer for Everything

Is there an answer for everything? Yes there is, according to the bible. And it's money. Yup, you heard it right. Money is the answer for everything, says God in the bible.
A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything. [Ecclesiastes 10.19] One day King Solomon was pondering about life and he got this idea when he was inspired by God. Then, feeling the urgency, he wrote it in his book, Ecclesiastes. And we know that all Scripture is inspired by God. God spoke through the prophets and patriarchs. And among things he told Solomon was how money is the answer for everything---everything on earth, that is.
God Talks about Money?
I was mentioning about it the other night to my cousin in an office lobby and he was surprised when I said the bible said it. 
"Huh?" he blurted out, asking me with a stare. "The bible? Where is that in the bible?" I told him where and he got out his smartphone and looked it over. And there it wa…

At Last! A Cheap Remedy for AIDS, Cancer, Tumors, Diabetes, Stroke, Hepatitis and Other Deadly Illnesses!

Powerful Red Fruit!
Scientists say fruits with dark or bright colors are packed with powerful antioxidants. So one day, Dr. Made Budi, a biologist and lecturer at the Cendrawasih University accidentally discovered in 2000 the healing prowess of a red fruit on the island of Papua where it is called Kuansu. In Indonesia, it's called Buah Merah or red fruit.

Buah Merah belongs to the pandan family.

People in the communities of Timika and Wamena regularly ate this red fruit and were observed to free them of ailments. So Dr. Budi did a study on this red fruit called Buah Merah which was found to be rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and omega 3 and 9 which all enhance the body’s resistance, strengthening the immune system.

Buah Merah has been noted to be effective in preventing AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, stroke, osteoporosis, and diabetes. It lowers your uric acid levels and improves brain health, helping prevent dementia and Alzheimer's. Because of its beta carotene, it improves ey…

What Makes White Sugar White and Why It's Bad for Your Health

Accordingly, sugar is really colorless in its pure, natural form. No need to whiten or bleach it. Some sugar makers get rid of molasses from sugar beet or sugar cane to take away the brown color, but this is supposedly done without chemicals. They say it's washed only with water and by centrifuging. This is further helped with carbon filters.

But I would rather believe Lisa Byrne in her book "Break the Sugar Habit." She says natural raw sugar is supposed to be packed with nutrients, complete with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers. But the problem comes when they refine it white. The nutrients are all stripped off (or washed off) and the process leaves only the sucrose.

The Nature of Sugar

So, sugar becomes a non-food. It just sweetens, period. If you tamper with natural food like that---and eat it---something bad is bound to happen. That's the law of nature. Here's what Byrne actually said about refined sugar according to a KitchenStewardship article:

Apple Stem Cell Health Benefits and Why You Need Them

We all know how advanced aging damages skin quality. But plant stem cells, especially from apples, were found to powerfully delay aging and its toll on the skin. This was discovered in many plant stem cell researches.  Stem cells are plant cells extracted from plant stems. As simple as that. So they're all-natural. And they divide and renew themselves continually as long as they're alive. Imagine if your cells are like that. Swiss Malus Domestica Apple plant stem cell (malus domestica) grown and enhanced in Switzerland since the 18th century is most apt for stimulating aging human skin stem cell, lessening unsightly skin wrinkles. It prolongs or extends the life of skin cells so you get a more youthful and radiant look.  When you age your skin cells' ability to divide slows down, unable to create enough new skin cells. So you get lots more of old or dying cells than new cells. These skin cells in your body must be replaced---and here is where the Swiss apple stem cells ent…