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The Myth of No Time to Workout: Why You Should Never Say That Lie Again

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If you believe in God, he told us in the book of Ecclesiastes that "there is a time for everything." Then he went on giving examples. Thus, you cannot say you have no time to exercise. If Solomon (author of Ecclesiastes) had time for everything---and he was so busy running a country because he was a king---how can you not have the same?

I sincerely believe God is very busy. But he's not that busy as other people claim to be, because in fact, after creating everything for 6 days, he rested on the seventh. And Hebrews says he's been resting ever since, even today. God has time for everything---even working out. Yeah, I believe God works out regularly and you can even find him in gyms---because he's everywhere. And I know it for a fact that he works out because he joins me in my workouts.

Having no time for workouts is just pure myth. Often, it's a lie to cover up for laziness. People can be hardworking with their jobs or businesses, but most of them are just too lazy to workout. They have lots of excuses and reasons not to. But after they suffer an illness (or when they begin to feel the illness) you see them trying to workout. That's the time they start exercising. But often, it's rather too late. They have suffered a stroke or had to start taking maintenance medicine.

The ideal time to start working out is when you're still free from illness. Preventive workouts are the best!

I read an article somewhere saying folks in Singapore go home very late at night from doing overtime and yet they take time to run or jog before going to bed. I don't know if that's healthy or not, but one thing I see here---they still make time to workout. And you never hear any news about any Singaporean dying because he ran late at night after a stressing overtime work.

But you hear everywhere people dying because they neglected their health, saying they had no time to workout. See?

I'm not saying you stay out late at night and then workout when you get home. I'm saying God has given all of us enough time to get healthy and fit. We just have to get serious and find that time and actually use it for the purpose. Just look at me.

I research and try to write good articles out of what I research. That takes me day and night. Add to that the FB pages I have to manage, the messages and inquiries I have to reply to, the birthday celebrants I have to greet (part of business PR), and the meetings I have to schedule.

Then offline, I need to meet with people, with prospects and clients, and sometimes make my presence felt in conferences and group meetings. I have to expose myself. Then I have to talk with people one-on-one for connections or make a sales presentation now and then. That's not to mention some troubled people who set appointments with me because they need my advice.

Then there's my family---my wife I need to have special intimate moments with, talking, laughing, eating and drinking with (we both love fresh fruit juices). Then there are my kids I need to guide and talk with and laugh with. And most importantly, there's God who I have to have quiet moments with and laugh with. And I need to meditate the bible day and night. And oh, before I forget, I enjoy my time with my wife attending to our organic vegetable garden.

And yet I find time to physically workout. I even teach some guys Filipino martial arts in my spare time. So, how do I manage to workout regularly, and enjoy it, too?

Well, that's my secret. And I share my secrets in my e-book, "My Simple Secrets to Fitness." And I decided to give it away FOR FREE! Not always, though. I will sell it again for Php 200 after a while. So go get your FREE copy now while in a good mood!

You want to know what's inside the e-book? Well, get a review by clicking here. What I particularly recommend reading here is how you can workout regularly even if you say you have no time to exercise, no money to maintain good health and no place to do your workouts because you're mostly at the office.

If you want a FREE PDF copy, just use the Contact Form on top of this blog (click the three black stripes) or simply email at And just say, "Pls send me the e-book!"

I got rid of all those obstacles when I was a young man in sales and marketing and was able to keep fit and healthy.

So no one is exempt because God has made it possible for all of us to have time for everything---everything necessary in life, that is. To enjoy more of Choy's Cut articles and make sure you get them regularly, just LIKE US on Facebook by clicking this link. MORE ARTICLES BELOW!


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